Kind Words


"Every summer I launch a virtual summer camp to teach social media to online entrepreneurs. This year, I was delighted to collaborate with Catherine so that my campers could also enroll in her Course Creator's Summer School. These campers were blown away by the quality of Catherine's training. Camper after camper reported back to me that Catherine explained everything so clearly, and made what seemed like such a daunting proposition...creating a course!...into something not only doable, but enjoyable. It was amazing to see these entrepreneurs, somewhat new to the online world, go from novice to course creator in a few short weeks. In addition to Catherine's logical, step by step, teaching style, the overall consensus was that she went above and beyond to make sure that no one was left behind. She gave so much caring, one on one guidance and support. If you've ever thought about creating an online course but have been hesitant because of the technology involved, run as fast as you can and enroll in whatever Catherine is teaching!"

Jen Lehner l Social Media Marketing Strategist 

 "Catherine Dove has been absolutely amazing! She has gone way above and beyond in helping me with all my questions and her willingness to spend time with me has been invaluable. I feel like all of the loose ends that I didn’t understand are finally coming together! She is a true champion in every sense of the word. Thank you Catherine!"

Amy Meissinger l Options Trader, Educator and Mentor

"Catherine Dove taught my private mastermind group all about creating, packaging, and launching information products. She is so knowledgeable in what has worked time and time again over the years, as well as what current day tools are available and how to fully utilize them into the mix. Great heart, fantastic presentation skills, abundance of knowledge and experience integrating systems. I would highly recommend Catherine as a trainer, speaker, and/or coach helping you get your knowledge packaged and online!"

Valerie Shoopman l Facebook Ads Strategist

"Catherine has been one of the greatest influences in the success of my business. She has taught me invaluable lessons including the essential component of really understanding your audience and building courses designed specifically for them. Creating courses from this perspective ensures that you are doing things in a way that customers will be receptive to. Catherine's thorough and detailed approach to helping people move toward their goals in easy-to-execute steps, is truly unparalleled."

Amy B. ScherAuthor & Energy Therapist 

"Catherine's skillset includes a blend of comfort with technology, business acumen and the ability to see a project from the customer's perspective. An Uber valuable blend of expertise.  Ultimately I believe Catherine's greatest skill is her warmth and superb approach to customer service. She extends herself beyond the call of duty and gives generously, respectfully and lovingly."

Chris Kelly l Monetize Present Knowledge

"Your live support was a complete game changer and I'm implementing what I learned immediately and fully anticipate a shift in momentum and sales going forward. Beyond that, I have renewed energy and excitement for my business and working with you made a tremendous difference.   I already knew you were a consummate professional with extensive experience and expertise but, I value services who deliver with integrity and honesty and care and have their clients best interest in mind. You're support exceeded my expectations! Thank You!"

Teresa Capaldo l Business Consultant & Strategist 

"The organization of a course was a struggle for me and how to put it together. Your course was very well organized and step by step.  I learned so much about organizing the parts of a course. I appreciated the training on Trello and the additional training on Canva design.  You are so thorough in your teaching. You offered so many tips to keep me organized. Thank you Catherine for your careful and thorough teaching. You went above and beyond in step by step training. Developing a course seemed overwhelming. I really think I can do this! Thank you!"

Debby Culler l Culler Creations

"I was in Catherine’s Course Creation Summer School as well as the Official Kajabi User Group which was started and managed by Catherine. Through these encounters, Catherine is a person who is willing to share her knowledge and skills; taking positive interest in executing her responsibilities; and as a mentor that provides constructive and motivational guidance. Finally, a person I can trust with my learning”.

Mok Tuck Sung l Cash Flow Improvement Specialist

"I was struggling with the structure and process of taking an online course from product development to making it ready for sale.  Catherine gave me the confidence I needed to evaluate my own course and make changes that will give my customers great value."

Ingfrid Landsnes l The Organizational House

"My issues with course creation were around focus and direction. How do I pare down what I know? There's so much I could teach, but where do I start?

It was great just to see the whole process - from defining an avatar and connecting in with their needs, to the course creation process. It was even helpful to think about branding, which I didn't really expect when I signed up. Of course, the best part was getting the Trello board with the steps. I've already started to put that to use! This class was very specific and helpful.

You have a very easy, conversational style. You're "real." You're also extremely helpful, which I truly appreciate!"

Susan McCuistion l daiOne

"I needed guidance on where to start. My background is very diverse. I was totally overwhelmed with ideas!  I really enjoyed speaking with Catherine and brainstorming ideas on where I should start first. She definitely helped me to clear my head space.   I feel more focused and not so overwhelmed. I am going to start with what I know in order to move into the next steps of combining my creative business with my spirituality.  Catherine is very easy going and a great listener. I could tell that she really wanted to help me with my online business and where I should start. I have a starting point now and feel very relieved to be more focused. I would definitely recommend Catherine and her services."

Julianna C Avelar l Case De Jewels

"I was struggling with the very basics of how to get started with creating a program where I wouldn't be in person with my audience and how to make a true connection with them before, during and after the course, how to price my program, the technology that would be needed and how to market the course. The fundamentals really, what should go in, what to consider, what not to do, consideration of added value as you kept updating with new information that you felt would be helpful especially the sample Trello board and the Avatar worksheet. I had been struggling with defining my audience and then figuring out how to find them and market to them. While my audience is diverse I know now that I need to segment it, reaching out to each target group individually rather than doing all in one type marketing to a much larger group that may not have common interests/needs. As a seasoned course creator you paid attention to even the smallest details that we needed to learn as beginners.

As an adjunct faculty member and inhouse/corporate trainer in my past I have created and delivered curriculum to numerous diverse audiences however that being said creating an online class was a new venture for me. I learned SO MUCH in this course. A bit overwhelmed by all the things that I hadn't thought about, yet invaluable to know so that I can create my first program the right way and be able to build trust and value from the start. 

Moving into a new addition to my current business I had no idea whatsoever how to create and deliver an online course. Whether you mean to be or not I feel you are a long distance mentor to some degree as I learned so much beyond 'just' how to create my first online course but in addition how to interact with participants to make them feel you are right there with them and truly wanting them to be successful. Your approach is genuine and from the heart.

I loved your training style...seriously loved it and I couldn't wait for the next lesson. I have pages upon pages of notes on everything from what was scheduled to discuss that day, plus your tips along the way. Presenting materials and technology with no bias was really nice and allowed me to review and make my own decisions."

Sara Ermeti l Esperto HR Office

"I've taken other online courses but just related better to your teaching style and felt that your information was organized in a way that was easy to understand and I loved all the resources that you shared that were VERY current and really helpful in pulling everything together.

You completedly delivered on your promise. In fact, you OVER delivered and you put your ALL into everything you did. I was extremely pleased and impressed!

I had all kinds of ideas and programs that I had "in my head" and some on paper, BUT just pulling it together to actually get it into a format that was easy, effective and WOW...what I needed was all there and YOU delivered.

I learned so much that I didn't know-   SO SO SO much. I knew I had the program outlined and somewhat into Modules, but starting back at the beginning and figuring out all the details, made it so much easier and it just made sense. I am well on my way to actually LAUNCHING and although I have a lot to do, I have a blueprint to get it done. 

I liked your training style! I totally felt your sincerity in wanting to give everything that you could give in the course to make sure each person was successful in their launching of a course.   

Again...I LOVED the course. I was inspired, motivated, stretched, engaged and I loved it. Thank you Catherine for your patience and encouragement!!!

Anita G. WheelerThe Millionaire Mindset Coach 

"I was attracted to your course for many reasons; YOU, your attention to details, your desire for our success, going above and beyond my expectations of the help I would receive repeatedly! And most importantly, you are available and accessible to me and other students. Reminds me of going to university and needing to leave places like UCLA and other big name places because there was no personal attention or even interaction directly with a professor or T.A. I definitely need hands on and personal connection to learn and succeed. You provide that Catherine - a thousand times over and over. As I said before, I would take any course from you because of YOU and what you bring to the table.  

I was struggling to even create a course or get in front of a video camera and be on film. I had been writing and writing free style with no form or format to shape my writing for years prior to finding you and your courses. If I took the time off or time out to go back through all that writing and put it into a course format or onto Trello and then into course format, I could have lots and lots of courses ready to go with a little tweaking of course videos and handouts. Through your course and support, I have gained the courage to step up and risk reaching for what I have dreamed of doing for years now. I have actually created the WINS course, and other videos and materials since meeting you and learning from you.

I learned that there is someone like you Catherine, who is consistently there, supportive, engaging, interested and willing to go the extra miles to help others succeed. You are a living example. I respect and resonate with your values and way of doing things; quite similar to my own. I learned that it feels good to have someone believe in me, the way I believe in others and their capacity to achieve.

I like your attention to detail and follow up and follow through. I like the continuity of material you present. I like your style very much as it is open, friendly, supportive, engaging, and easy to love learning from you."

Dr B - Barbara A. Cohen, Ph.D. l Dare 2 Believe You Can Change

"I thought your course delivered wonderfully and have since been disappointed and frankly, shocked at what some people are marketing out there in terms of online courses.

I was struggling with "just getting it done!" Overthinking and putting too much into 1 thing. I really liked the course format guidance in terms of promises, lesson enhancements etc. Your outline has made a huge difference to me.

I really like your warm, generous and open-heart! Your ethical approach was refreshing and your support was enriching. I never felt like just another anonymous number in your course." 

Kelly Matzen l JoyfullyParenting

"Catherine went above and beyond what I needed to learn. She was extremely informative and patience. One of the things I liked the most was the way she kept checking in with me, to make sure I was understanding what she was teaching. I never felt loss in the process.   Her training style is great and I would would highly recommend her teaching style to others."

Zan TheMan l What's Your Dating Type



 "What I liked about Catherine that sets her apart from so many “experts” is that she continues to ask questions to get to the root. Most “experts” tend to jump in with superficial answers. Catherine continued to ask until she was completely up to speed, then recited back to me what I was looking for assistance with in a more articulated way than I could come up with. With that thorough foundation knowledge in place, she was then able to help me mindmap a course of action to solve the question I had, leaving me with clear action items. If you want to work with someone who will take the time to understand YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and not profile you and provide canned answers, Catherine is it."

Dave Jacobson l Coach-Connection