Hello! I'm Catherine Dove, owner of the Digital Business Boutique.  I'm also the founder of the Digital Business Training Center and the Course Creator's Academy.  

I've been intrigued by doing business in "online" business space since back in the day when we used dial-up online Internet service and AOL email accounts!  

Over the years, I've been successful packaging my expertise and offering it online. After creating over 100 online courses and 3 membership sites, I sold my 7 figure online continuing education company in September of 2016.

Today, I am able to pursue my passion of teaching educators, experts, and entrepreneurs how they can transform their lives by monetizing their expertise online.  I teach people how to create a digital business in the online learning niche so they can serve more clients, leverage their time, and make more money.

I spend a lot of time learning about the latest strategies and products in the world of digital products and marketing. I've been honored to be certified by Digital Marketer in subjects that one must master to build a successful online business: Paid Traffic, Social & Community Management, Search Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, and Conversion Funnels.  

I'd love to visit with you to see how I can help you create your digital business so that you can monetize your expertise online.

Feel free to contact me.


Digital Business Boutique