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Training, support, resources, and guidance to leverage your time, serve more people and increase your income.

In the Training Center, we teach you what you need to know in these 5 main pillars:

  1. The Basics of Building your Digital Business 
  2. Selecting & Using Digital Tools (Email Marketing, Digital Product Delivery Platforms, Webinar software, etc.)
  3. Growing & Nurturing your Audience (List Building, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Groups)
  4. Creating your Digital Products (Online training programs, courses, signature programs, live workshops and membership sites.)
  5. Selling & Marketing your Digital Products (Webinars, Funnels, Challenges, Copywriting, Paid Traffic)


Live Training Collection

Comprehensive training includes interactive workshops, detailed training, or guest interviews.  Checklists, worksheets, or guides included. All the replays are housed in the archives of  Training Center.

Tutorial Collection 

On demand tutorials focus on a narrow topic and provide tactics, tips, and strategies. Packed with takeaways, many tutorials come with support materials such as checklists, worksheets, swipe files, etc.


As a member of the Training Center, we want to get to know YOU and the digital business that YOU are creating!  We are all here to support each other.

Our Member Meet Up is your opportunity to introduce yourself, and share the digital business that you are creating.  This is a very informal meeting, with no specific agenda.  Instead, we want to hear your wins, your frustrations and even answer your questions!  


As a member of the Training Center, you will be invited to join the Digital Business Boutique Community  of almost 3,000 experts working to monetize their expertise online.  Members receive support, feedback, and answers to their questions.