Facebook Ad 101 Training with Laura Ball

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In order to sell your digital products, you need to build an audience and drive traffic to your offers.

In this training, you will be able to watch Laura build a Facebook ad from start to finish. We’ll dive into each level of the campaign for an ‘over-the-shoulder' training so you will know exactly what you’ll see and what you’ll need to do inside of Ads Manager so that your ads are set up properly!

 About our Presenter

Laura Ball works with entrepreneurs who sell digital products and services to manage their Facebook ads and launch their online courses or virtual summits using Facebook ads. In addition, through her course, The Facebook Ads Classroom, and free resources, Laura teaches online business owners how to successfully run Facebook ads without wasting time or money!...

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Protect your Online Business Legally as you Create & Sell Digital Products

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Have you been following the Facebook data breach fiasco, and Mark Zuckerberg's appearances before Congress to explain the situation? Believe it or not, your online business is subject to the same laws, on a smaller scale. 

If you are building an email list or selling digital products such as online courses and membership sites you have to comply with the same data privacy and protection laws.

There are important pages you must have on your websites like your Privacy Page, and your Terms and Conditions. There are also things you need to do to protect yourself from chargebacks when people buy your digital products. 

Join Christy Westerfeld, Esq., and Catherine Dove with the Digital Business Boutique, as we discuss how to legally run an online business. We'll cover everything from data privacy and...

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How to Validate your Online Course Idea

Are you considering creating an online course in 2018? 

If so, then you are in the right place as this blog post is ALL about validating your online course idea.  

I’ve worked with so many online course creators that spend a lot of time and money creating an online course only to find out afterward that no one wants to buy it! I don’t want that to happen to you. Instead, I want you to be certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are creating a course that people will buy.

It is not a good idea to create your course in a vacuum, all by yourself. Having created online courses for years, I have learned this the hard way. Once I figured out that I needed to do a lot of research, and actually talk to my ideal students, the income I generated from my online courses increased exponentially.

Let's get this course party started, so I can help you validate your online course idea BEFORE you create it, okay?  I've got eight great suggestions for you!


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3 Reasons to Consider Creating an Online Course

When people I meet for the first time ask me what I do for a living, I tell them I monetize my expertise by packaging it and offering it online. I usually get a blank stare because they have no idea what I mean by that! Have you ever considered offering your expertise online?  You can absolutely transform your knowledge into an online course, or training program. However, because creating an online course is outside the comfort zone of most people, that often prevents them from even considering it. 

As an expert in your subject area, you’re probably very comfortable working within your niche. You are confident in what you do, and your help and advice have helped hundreds or thousands over the years. You know exactly what to do, and you have built-in processes that you follow so you don’t have to spend a lot of time figuring out how to do things. However, since creating an online course is likely not your area of expertise, it can be a little intimidating. There...

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Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand To Attract your Ideal Clients and Build a Business you Love!


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 Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon famously said: “Your brand is what others say about you when you’re not in the room.”

  • Do you know what your audience says about you when you’re not in the room?
  • When you meet prospective clients, do you know how they perceive you?
  • Does the way they perceive you support your business goals?

If you’re now wondering about these things, you won't want to miss this live training!

In this training you will: 
1. Discover how your personal brand is connected to building your
2. Explore the three Cs of personal branding that attract your ideal
3. See the three Cs in action with examples of real business owners
    who’ve applied them in the online...

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Learn how to use Events in Kajabi


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In the replay of this live training, Catherine Dove and Cori Zeuli with NewKajabiVATeam will walk you through how to set up Events inside of Kajabi.

Kajabi rolled out a new feature in October 2017 to all users called Events. This is a building block that allows you to build, market, and sell any type of event through Kajabi.

So, what is an Event in Kajabi?

An Event is anything that you schedule that has a date and time.

~Live webinar
~Pre-recorded webinar. (You can do recurring evergreen
~Live Training
~Virtual Summits
~Multi-day virtual conference
~In person training

You can schedule emails that automatically go out at a specific time before the event.

~Send out an email one day before the event begins to remind your audience.
~Have Another email could go out 10 minutes before the...

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What Kind of Tools and Services Do I Need to Create my Digital Training Programs?


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You're ready to finally monetize your expertise online. You're not quite sure exactly what kind of digital training program you want to create but you know that you want to get started.

As with anything we create in our business, we will need tools and services to do so. In this live training, I am going to teach you what you will need to create your digital training program. I'll share with you the most popular tools (that even YOU can figure out how to use!) that will get you the best results. I'll help you take the first step in getting ready to create your digital training programs.

Note: This live training comes with a Trello board to use as a checklist to use as you prepare to create your digital training programs.


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Should I Create a Personal Brand, or a Business Brand?


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As you prepare to monetize your expertise in the online business space, you have to build out your brand. By that I mean- are you going to market yourself as a personal brand, using your name or are you going to build your brand using your company name? Or, are you going to do a little bit of both?

This is not an easy decision to make and one that I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.

Our brand is how we differentiate ourself in the marketplace. Your brand is what people see with everything that you do in the online world. Your brand is what will help you build the know, like and trust factor.

In this training, we will go over the pros and cons of both a personal brand, as well as a company brand so that you can make the best decision for your business. By the end of our time together,...

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Courses that Sell and Courses that Don't Sell


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If you are creating an online course, my guess is that you want to create a PROFITABLE online course, right? In this FB Live training, I will help you make sure that you are creating an online course that your ideal student will actually want to buy. We will go over the characteristics of courses that sell, and those that do not sell.


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How to Build your Kajabi Course from Scratch


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Join Tracy Otsuka with Coretography and I as we literally build out the framework for her online course in New Kajabi in 61 minutes! I wanted to share this with you in case you are afraid of getting started creating your course or membership site. Afraid of the technology. You do NOT have to be afraid- you can totally do this. Just watch this video!

P.S. If you want to check out New Kajabi, you can use my link and get 15% off your subscription. A base plan with up to 5 products, your website, a blog, email marketing services, and landing pages will only cost you around $90 a month! That is a really great deal as if you were to purchase all those services individually it would be easily over $300!

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