Training, Support & Resources to Monetize your Expertise Online

Welcome to the Digital Business Boutique!

Welcome to our exclusive digital marketing company that is dedicated to serving thought leaders, subject matter experts, speakers, authors, coaches and consultants.

We provide support, training, consulting and resources to help you monetize your expertise online. We empower you to create a digital business that offers digital products that allow you to leverage your time, stop trading hours for dollars and increase your revenue.

When your digital business is in place, you'll be able to have time and location freedom, allowing you to do what you want, when you want.

Meet Catherine 

Catherine is the founder of the Digital Business Boutique. She began monetizing her expertise as a corporate trainer in the Financial Services industry in 1996.  After authoring much sought after training curriculums she hired a team of trainers to leverage her time.  Things really took off when she figured out how to move all of her training programs online. 

Since then, Catherine has created over 100 online courses, and 3 membership sites.  She sold her 7 figure online education business in 2016.  

But what Catherine is most proud of is her ability to build her online business around her “lifestyle”. She is always done by 3pm and rarely works weekends so she can spend unlimited time with her husband and two children. 

Now, Catherine has compiled over 20 years of experience, all of her expertise and resources and created the most complete training center for professionals and entrepreneurs that want to monetize their expertise online.